Pedro Luis Sánchez Torres


Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy

I am Pedro Luis Sánchez Torres, expert in “Strategic intelligence” in international protocol and communication for both government and business . I manage Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy, a firm specialised in negotiation and diplomacy for public and private institutions in culturally international environments. This firm works under the digital and face-to-face system.

Degree in English Studies at Salamanca University, but with previous studies at Granada University and Tampere University (Finland). This academic background has been fully completed with the title of expert in State protocol and ceremonial (UNED), Master’s degree in English Studies (Salamanca University), Master’s degree in Public Relations: event management, protocol and communication (European Postgraduate Studies Centre and Juan Carlos University); and Master’s degree in Protocol (UNED).

My professional background is closely related to training, consultancy in business and institutions, and research in the fields of protocol and diplomacy. When they are used by means of “emotionally intelligence”, protocol and diplomacy become strategic tools in communication and negotiation worldwide.


“There is communication with protocol and diplomacy”

Pedro L. Sánchez
Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy
Tlf. + 34 646 259 259