Welcome to Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy SL

We are a Spanish company formed by a team of qualified experts that advises and trains all human capital from public/private institutions, foundations, entities and companies in matters of corporate communication, diplomatic and strategic management skills, protocol and negotiation techniques at national and international level.

Our main goal

To communicate, train and advise with passion and strategy in order to create “bridges of understanding” in institutional, international and negotiation relationships between all the social actors involved in the international scene.


Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy SL uses them so as to build a strategic corporate message which reaches target audience by means of an optimal set design whereby managers and directors strengthen the image and identity of institutions and companies which they lead, communicate with both credibility and transparency, know how to be in contact with the “new international surroundings”, protect and take care of “reputation”, negotiate successfully in every speech and increse, therefore, productivity and profit.

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate”

John F. Kennedy

Pedro L. Sánchez
Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy
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