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Pedro L. Sánchez Torres


Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy

Pedro L. Sánchez Torres is a consultant and expert auditor in protocol, diplomacy and institutional relations. He is the managing director of his own firm: Protocolo & Diplomacy Consultancy. Despite having a degree in English Studies at Salamanca University  -with previous studies at Granada University and Tampere University (Finland)-, his academic background has been fully completed with the title of expert in State protocol and ceremonial (UNED), Master’s degree in English Studies (Salamanca University), Master’s degree in Public Relations: event management, protocol and communication (European Postgraduate Studies Centre and Juan Carlos University); and Master’s degree in Protocol (UNED).

His professional and academic background is closely related to training, advise, audit and research in the fields of protocol and diplomacy. Thus, he defines himself as a true communication manager in the broadest sense. He is the autor of the book  “Protokollum and communication in business” as well as the research entitled “Communication in the Spanish public diplomacy: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

His expertise focuses on training, advising and auditing those public and private institutions and companies in the fields of “protocol” and “diplomacy” (public, digital, intercultural and corporate); providing “excellence” and “professional ethics”. Hence, he expects that the strategic communication plan, together “protocol” and “diplomacy”, reinforces the corporate identity and image of institutions and companies; providing “truthfulness, credibility and transparency”

“There is communication with protocol and diplomacy”

Pedro L. Sánchez Torres