Pedro L. Sánchez Torres


Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy

I am Pedro Luis Sánchez Torres, expert in protocol, diplomacy and corporate communication.


I manage Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy, a firm specialised in negotiation and diplomacy for public and private institutions in culturally international environments. This firm works under the digital and face-to-face system by means of consultancy and training.

My true passion is to communicate and contribute so as to build up “bridges to knowledge” among all characters working at international level by means of those strategic tools need in 21st century: protocol & diplomacy.

Protocol and diplomacy used “emotionally and strategically”, they are communication skills which serve for protecting and preserving those national interests in very country.

In this context, my work deals with advising and training in protocol and diplomacy as strategies which provide detailed information and knowledge at the disposal of institutions and companies worldwide.

“There is communication with protocol and diplomacy”