Online and face-to-face training in protocol, diplomacy and corporate communication. Courses are fully planned according to the institution needs.



Training in protocol for corporate managers

Training corporate managers in international protocol and diplomatic skills for international negotiations in multicultural contexts so as to show business corporate culture; as well as lavish in business by means of planning, management and logistics strategies.

La negociación en entornos interculturales: la diplomacia corporativa

Traning about what corporate diplomacy deals with and what its effects are at international level as it is a strategic tool in the corporate foreign policy. Now, “corporate diplomat” is who becomes the business ambassador. This training will provide those guidelines so that “corporate diplomacy” makes a reality by means of protocolo, diplomacy and communication.

Digital corporate communication and diplomacy

Training to properly organize those digital channels in business; as well as the making and the distribution of messages in social networks, intranet and corporate website. Thus, the strategic tools will be provided so that diplomacy and protocol benefit digital communication in the company. As a result, a Digital Communication Plan and Manual in Writing from the company will be produced.

Events: image and positioning strategic skills

Knowing image and positioning strategic skills so that every corporate event can provide a true and believable message to its audience. Use of “multilateral protocol” when personalities from the civil and military world merge. Protocol and diplomacy, togehter logistics and security in the event itself, will be in charge of placing “strategically” the corporate message.

Written communication in protocol for executives secretaries

Specific training for executive secretaries about the design and production of written communication in every different entities from Public Administration in matters of protocol; as well as standards, writting, composition, typology, notes of protocol and etiquette which appear in written invitations. Special attention to the different formats of written communication as notes, agenda, program, business or presentation card, etc.; including those Treatments of Honours.

Speech and presentation in corporate events

Training for executives managers in the production and design of speeches and presentations in corporate events; highlighting those elements from verbal communication (diction, tone of voice and oratory) to non-verbal communication (body language) so that the message is believable and true for the target audience.

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Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy
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