Consultancy in protocol and diplomatic skills in business internationalisation


Advice for corporate managers in diplomatic relations and international negotiations

Advice for corporate and expatriate managers in the process of international negotiations by means of international protocol and diplomacy with the success of business relations in multicultural environments. This comprehensive advice goes from every corporate and business needs (planning, security, intercultural mediation and logistics) in order to achieve the highest profitability in international relations.

Protocol consultancy in corporate communication and diplomacy

In order to achieve an efficient protocol communication with the identity of the organization in every channels and formats, I develop all services of communication and advice in matters of protocol when using online channels, formats and mass media relations. Special attention to the production of Manual of Writing and Protocol; as well as all distinguishing corporate elements.

Advice in protocol and comnunication management in family business

Advice for family business in protocol and communication when interacting with official organizations, institutions, private entities or in every daily actions to produce “confidence and security”. From business meetings to issue a statement, family business will add protocol and communication as strategic tools. Thus, the balance among the different family members with regard to corporate functions in “familiar protocol” is guaranteed.

Management and logistics in corporate events

Design, production and planning of corporate events right away so they become the main element when issuing the message and corporate culture. A specialised and high-level service to achieve excellence in events; as well as the highest profitability. Detail management which makes every corporate event unforgettable, strategic and required by protocol efficient from its pre-production, organization, staging and mass media relations.

Training for spokespeople in public speeches

Training for corporate managers and spokespeople in speeches (content and message in detail). I practise the capacity of verbal and non-verbal communication; as well as the staging. Thus, I compose the speech specially made where every word is strategically placed and the diction and the intonation are the unifying thread of that message. Non-verbal communication will be in charge of using “full stop” so the message itself is true and believable.

Self-defense and security for CEOs and expatriates

Self-defense and security in business travels, moves, speeches and social acts where up-to-date risks will be analysed. Planning and previous logistics when travelling suppose a starting point for documents, sanitary conditions and destiny research. Self-defense to reduce risks will focus on the choice of accomodation, the means of transport, the prevention measures, the risk areas, the espionage in meetings, and so on.

Pedro L. Sánchez
Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy