Executive training in international business: communication, protocol and security in multicultural contexts



knowing how to interact and communicate in international negotiations with strategic intelligence…

Communication and negotiation


  • Corporate and institutional communication
  • Risks, conflicts and crisis communication
  • Strategies and communication techniques
  • Branding, corporate reputation and intangible good management
  • Global persuasive communication
  • Public and Institutional Relationships and lobby
  • Risk communication and prevention of conflicts
  • Internal advertisement, marketing and business communication, online and digital
  • Skills and management of emotions in negotiations
  • Negotiation tecniques

Protocol and diplomatic skills


  • Executive and diplomatic skills as strategic tools in negotiations
  • Protocol set design in negotiations
  • Written and corporate digital communication for negotiations
  • Management and global logistics in international contexts
  • Written, verbal and non-verbal communication in negotiations
  • Intercultural arbitration
  • International,social and multilateral protocol
  • When, where and how to lavish our guests
  • Reception and farewell of VIPs and public figures
  • Corporate digital communication in matters of protocol and diplomacy
  • Visits in multicultural and international contexts

Self-defense and security


  • Security culture and awareness-raising about self-defense: control of main risks in personal and professional activities
  • Consciuosness-raising about the culture of the destination for efficiency and security
  • Up-to-date travel risks for the countries or regions applied
  • Previous travel planning: documents, sanitary environment and research of destiny
  • Self-defense/risk reduction: accomodation, means of transport, risk areas, precaution and espionage in meetings
  • Security in vehicles and passengers
  • Protection of CEOs and expatriates in business travels.
  • Kidnapping/hostage escape: useful methodology so as to know how to face it
Pedro L. Sánchez
Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy
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