Drawing, structure and set design of corporate message for public speaking with eloquence and persuasion…


Public speaking and communicational leadership


  • CEOs and communicative leaders for 2.0 international companies
  • Leadership and public speaking
  • Language and persuasion
  • Public speaking and executive speech: planning, execution and performance
  • Omnichannel public speaking for executive spokesperson
  • Storytelling for executive leaders
  • Effective presentations


Multicultural strategic communication: protocol and diplomacy


  • Protocol and diplomatic skills before, while and after a speech
  • Protocol set design in speech
  • Body language
  • Intonation in speech
  • Public and digital corporate communication


Communicative image in speech


  • The power of personal and corporate image
  • Leadership base
  • Fusion of word, gesture and appearance
  • The conquest of audience by means of words and image
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