Institutional consultancy in international protocol and communication for the following entities:


Personal advice for Embassies and Consulates

Personal advice for those members of family unit and domestic staff; as well as diplomatic corps who are going to work in Spain or any foreign country shortly in matters of international, official and social protocol from the country of destination.

Management and logistical support in institutional public events

Advice, planning, and execution for organization in the preparation, the production and the assessment of every institutional event for organizations and institutions from Public Administrations where the institutional symbology and logistics are the key elements.

Written protocol communication for public organizations

Advice and production of reports and documents from different organizations and public entities in matters of protocol: notes of protocol, letters, cards, notes, business cards, dress code in invitations, use of logo etc; including the treatments of Honour used in the Public Administration. Revision and planning of Manual of Writing and Protocol in Institutions and Organizations.

Advice and management in diplomatic relations with international organizations

Advice and planning in the relationships with different international organizations, inside and outside European Union, in matters of diplomacy, negotiation and international protocol.

Digital diplomacy in institucional communication

Visual and content analysis in every digital networks which the institution uses so that the message reaches the “target audience”. Advice of every strategic skills so diplomacy and protocol benefit digital communication in public institutions; as well as the inclusion of those in the Digital Communication Plan.

Pedro L. Sánchez
Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy
Tlf. + 34 646 259 259