STAM Solutions: “The advanced crisis negotiation team”

As “Protocol and Diplomacy Advisor” in Stam Solutions (, It was a pleasure to attend the training course entitled “The advanced crisis negotiation team” in Rome from 21 to 24 november.

The following skills make a crisis negotiation be fruitful in a good negotiator::

  1. “Talk to me”: it is the model used by the New York Police Department for negotiation so as to gather information.
  2. Patience: it is similar to the chess game. It is a skill which must take precedence in every crisis negotiation.
  3. Calm: we must take everything under control. If not, the situation may become worst.
  4. Self-awareness: we must be aware of everything around us and how to face up in every moment. Hence, the use of “emotional intelligence” is quite important.
  5. Respect: at first glance it is so difficult to understand it as a negotiation skill. However, it must be present constantly without taking into account the actions made by the person.
  6. Adaptability: it is the ability we have when we are making a plan and we know exactly how it works.

In my view, I will add a new skill which becomes so essential:

7. Reliability (body language): it is so important to study, understand and lately research how non-verbal communication is working so as to determine if words are linked to body languages. That is is the moment to determine the truthfulness or not in words.

Pedro L. Sánchez

Protocol & Diplomacy Consultancy


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