Why do protocol, diplomacy and security become useful tools in “strategic intelligence“?

  1. Strategic intelligence is a term used at governmental level. Its basis deals with the main national aims by means of knowledge, analysis and research so as to preserve the national rights in every country unanimously.

2. Becoming “tactician intelligently” means a high level of knowledge with all those resources available so as to provide value and coherence; as well as a high level of sophistication which protects national interests.

3. The “geographical intelligence” studies human behaviour and social relationships within a specific geographic area.

4. The “sociological intelligence” will provide those habits and customs in every country specifically.


  • Protocol in institutional and business contexts: definition, typologies and legislation
  • Presidency and precedence in corporate and official events
  • Protocol set design: the message to approach


  • Introduction to 21st diplomacy
  • Caracteristics of current diplomacy worldwide: public, digital and corporate diplomacy


  • Security in every event, social acts and speeches: analysis and results
  • “Strategic intelligence” in matters of security and self-defense
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