This section is dedicated to developing my experience and orientation in the field of both academic and research. Two fields in which I go in depth so as to improve the power and essence of protocol and diplomacy as tools used by organizations for their strategic objectives in international and complex environments:

    • Protocol as “science which studies and researches social norms and customs, based on legal standards and laws, so that they can be executed properly when transmitting a specific message in the field of politics, diplomacy, business and society”.
    • Diplomacy -foreign policy and negociation in its broad sense- is liable for “building bridges” between States by means of communication and dialogue so as to establish productive negotiations, cooperations and collaborations.


My academic and research approach focusses on emphasising the role of protocol and diplomacy as strategic tools in communication and negotiation which serve those national interests in every country and organizations by means of “emotion and intelligence”.

I have collaborated with the following organizations and instututions, among others:


RTVE in “Audiencia Abierta” programme. Analysis of HRH Princess of Asturias’ first speech in the award ceremony of her Foundation.



Radio 5 “Miradas al Exterior” programme in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Intelligence and Security Community (CISEG). Article published about “strategic intelligence in protocol, diplomacy and security” in Al-Ghurabá magazine.

Author of the book  “Protocollum and communication in bussiness”.

Tota Pulchra in Rome. Article “Reflection about protocol and ceremonial in the investiture of new sirs and ladies in Orders.


El Monárquico digital magazine. Article published about “The abdication of Our Highness Juan I: theoretical approach and formal acts”.



Research “Communication in Spanish public diplomacy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

I have also been a speaker and a teacher in a wide range of courses, seminars and conferences about “protocol” and “diplomacy” in the fields of institutions and business, as in the following institutions and entities: